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Bizon Phone Card is the international low cost leader which eases of use and availability to make calls from the US, Canada and Europe are dedicated to provide you with the best quality on the market. It is a Permanent PIN calling card that has PIN Free access. It also has the useful handy Refill option. Bizon Phone Card has a great advantage – there are no connection and maintenance fees. This PIN card can be used to call both domestically and internationally. When you use this type of phone cards, you get very low calling rates to an extremely wide array of countries all around the world (for example, Canada, UK, Argentina, Spain, Hong Kong, etc.).

The main feature of Phone Card Bizon is its PIN Free access. It is very helpful for people, who can hardly remember their long PIN numbers. You have to enter your PIN code just once, when you use Bizon Card for the first time. After you have registered your phone number with calling card, it will be recognized automatically right after dialing the Access Number. Using the Bizon Phone Card you have a possibility to register up to six different phone numbers. You can change all necessary settings in “My Account” (“My permanent PINs”).

Bizon card can be refilled at any time. You can refill your calling card with any amount of money. The validity period of these cards is unlimited, but your phone card will be blocked after ten months without refilling it. With the Bizon Calling Card you also get Toll Free Access and Local Access in the US and Canada as well as Local Access in Europe. Pay Phone Charge is only 99 cents.

Bizon Phone Card
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Connection FeeNo
Maintenance FeeNo
Rounding1 minute
Toll Free Access NumbersYes (USA, Canada)
Local Access NumbersYes (USA, Canada)
Service Taxes & Surcharges15%
Pay Phone Charge99c
Validity periodUnlimited (*) (*)
Prompt LanguagesEnglish

(*) Card expires if no refill within 10 months

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How to Dial
Access Numbers
Bizon Calling Card is a Permanent PIN card providing the convenient Refill and PIN Free Access options! Moreover, it doesn’t require any connection or maintenance charges and, what is most important, provides the lowest rates to call a wide range of countries worldwide. Enjoy Local Access and Toll Free Access in Canada and the US, and Local Access in Europe. Bizon is a phone card making your life easier.

PIN Free Access with Bizon Phone Card!

Sign up your phone number when registering your Bizon Phone Card and it will be automatically recognized right after you dial Access Number, so you don’t ever need to remember a complex PIN! You may register six phone numbers for a single account.
In order to add additional phone numbers to your registered ones, please use "My Permanent PINs" in "My Account" menu.

You are able to add more money to your card at any time.
In order to track the Reports and the Balance, please use "My Permanent PINs" in "My Account" menu.

Please read carefully the stipulation about additional conditions. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Total minutes on the Bizon Card can be reduced due to application of surcharges.
Bizon Phone Card can be used from Canada, USA - Continental, USA - Hawaii, USA - Mobile

Click on country to see rates

Best Bizon Card Destinations
  1. Dial Toll Free or Local Access Number.
  2. Once you hear the prompt, you are able to choose different language by pressing the required button:
    *0 - English; *1 - Spanish; *2 - Bulgarian; *3 - Polish; *4 - Tagalog; *5 - Portuguese; *6 - Russian; *7 - Romanian; *8 - Mandarin; *9 - Arabic.
  3. Then enter PIN number, wait for prompt.
  4. Dial a destination number:
    To make international calls, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number
    To make calls to or within Canada and the US, dial: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number
    • In case of the connection isn’t established within 30 seconds, press **#0 and you’ll get the number redialed automatically.
    • In case you want to call a different number after completing the previous call:
      Don’t hang up, press **, and dial a new number.
    1. If you have any questions about the quality of connection, you are welcome to contact card's Technical Support. Its number is included into the email with the Dialing Instructions and card’s PIN.

      If you have any questions about the sales or services please contact us.

USA Continental: 1-800-396-9353 (add 1c/min.) Hawaii: 1-800-822-1047
From mobile or landline with free long-distance: 213-226-8436
Canada: 1-800-796-6235 (add 3c/min.)
Local Access Numbers
Global Access Numbers